Top 5 Reasons to Advertise in Bloom

High Quality

If you have a quality product, service, or practice, it makes sense that you should advertise in a quality environment. In a 2010 readership study conducted by the IU Kelley School of Business, Bloom was rated highest in quality by far of any publication in Bloomington. Businesses, like individuals, are judged in part by the company they keep.

Huge Demand

While stacks of other publications stagnate in news boxes around town, our readers anxiously await the arrival of each new issue of Bloom and grab them up quickly. Although Bloom is free, half of our paid subscribers are local residents, paying $4 per copy to have it mailed to their homes—just to make sure they get every issue. In addition, many IU schools and departments and local corporations use Bloom to recruit and to welcome newcomers to our city.

Long Shelf Life

While a newspaper ad is here today, gone tomorrow, Bloom’s impact goes on and on. Readers return to it repeatedly during its initial two-month cycle, and an astounding 47 percent save their issues.*

Great Demographics

Bloom’s readers are intelligent, successful, and consumers of the highest order. More than half have household incomes in excess of $90,000 and 83 percent are homeowners. Our readers like to eat well and shop—81 percent dine out more than 100 times per year, and more than half have purchased a product or service as a direct result of seeing it in Bloom.*

Locally Owned, Locally Supportive

Like most of our advertisers, Bloom is a small local business (four full-time employees), so we understand the challenges you face. Bloom publishes articles only about locally owned entities and does not pursue advertising from large chains. In everything we do, we support the local community.