Electronic Artwork Requirements for Bloom Magazine Ads

We are using Adobe InDesign CS6 on Macintosh computers to design and produce Bloom Magazine. For detailed measurements please see Ad Size Information sheet.

Please read the following information carefully and prepare your ad accordingly.

Acceptable Mac/Windows file formats:
InDesign CS6 or earlier, collected for output; Illustrator (eps with all placed images included and all fonts converted to paths or outlines); Photoshop (tif, eps, pdf). Microsoft Publisher files will not be accepted.

PC fonts:
We cannot use PC fonts unless they have been converted to paths/outlines.

Special Note on PDF files:
We can accept PDF files only if they have been correctly distilled using press quality settings with all fonts and high resolution graphics embedded and including crop marks. We request you also send the native files.

Hi-resolution PDF files are preferred.

Checklist for Electronic Camera-Ready Artwork

  • Include all images used including logos, pictures and graphics.
  • All images must be hi-res 300 dpi. Do not “res up” low resolution images, especially not web images.
  • Image files must be in tif, jpg or eps format in cmyk.
  • Do not use images downloaded from the web.
  • You must own the copyright to the images you use, or have a legal license to use them.
  • Include all fonts actually used (macintosh fonts only).
  • Use only actual typefaces e.g. Adobe Garamond Bold, not Adobe Garamond with bolding applied.
  • Delete all unnecessary unused fonts.
  • Send only the files needed for the ad.
  • Send a list of all files and fonts used.
  • Fax or mail a hard copy (print out) of your finished ad so we can check it against your digital files.

Sending Electronic Artwork
Email camera-ready electronic ads (stuffed or zipped with all linked images and fonts) 10 MB or smaller to art@magbloom.com.

Save files larger than 10 MB to 100 MB to zip disk or CD. Include a printed list of all the files you are sending, and mail the CD together with a color laser or ink jet proof for color ads (black and white laser for b&w ads) to: Bloom Magazine, 414 W. 6th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404

If you wish to upload files via ftp, please email jaime@magbloom.com for further information.

If you need further technical information, email your question to: jaime@magbloom.com.