What Advertisers and Community Leaders Are Saying About Bloom Magazine

Charlotte Zietlow
Former member of City Council, County Commissioner, and co-founder of Goods, Inc.
I have been here for over 40 years!!! and have longed for such a publication. The community has the content—the businesses, the interesting people, the enterprises, the cultural activities, the trees and the woods and the hills and the hollers—what we needed was someone who could put this all together. And Bloom has done that. Thank you.

A. John Rose II
President, Textillery Weavers
For 30 years we have tried to analyze if we get results from our advertising efforts. When someone walks into our store with the ad in hand and the comment “I read about you in Bloom,” I know the ad works. We’re proud to be a part of one of the more exciting additions to the Bloomington scene.

Jeff Mease
CEO, One World Enterprises
Bloom Magazine was an instant hit, we can’t keep it in stock in our restaurant [Lennie’s]. Bloomington is blessed to have such a first-rate publication to show the world the incredible life and people that we have here.

Ellen Michel
Marketing Manager, Bloomingfoods
It’s a pleasure to advertise in a magazine that offers exciting features about good food, local growers, and fine wine. We also appreciate the focus on the arts, animals, our local business network, and all of the individuals who so enrich our community with their energy and dedication. You tell good stories and help us all bloom.

Mark Conlin
Owner, Janko’s Little Zagreb
We are honored to be associated with a magazine that is this caliber and we feel it is a welcome addition to Bloomington! We cannot keep issues in our restaurant, they go so fast!

Malcolm Webb
Taylor & Webb
I’m pleased to report that I’ve had more positive comments from this single ad than all our other marketing efforts. In the investment business, image does matter. We like being associated with the high level of quality found throughout your magazine.

David Fletcher
Owner, BLU Boy Chocolate Café and Cakery
We have seen a distinct increase in sales as a result of the advertising we did with Bloom.

Bari Kuhlman
Wedding & Special Events Coordinator, Indiana Memorial Union
Cheers to Bloom for the stunning February/March issue which showcased the IMU/Alumni Hall beautifully in the Wedding Section! This section did an outstanding job reflecting on all of the local possibilities and talent with regard to weddings in Bloomington. Thank you for a job well done!

Sonja Eaton and Chris Kellams
Different Drummer
As an advertiser we are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful magazine starting with the first issue. It showcases what Bloomington has to offer and the town stands out on its own (vs. an extension of IU). Customers are excited to see each issue and are now asking for a copy when they are in the store.

Julie Ramey
Community Relations Manager, City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation
Our target market is people in and around Bloomington who get out and do things and who want to be engaged in active, healthy lifestyles. That’s the Bloom readership to a T.

Margaret Fette
Owner, The Tailored Fit
Bloom Magazine has been a lovely and impressive venue for us at The Tailored Fit. Everyone who has seen our ad has had nothing but positive remarks. Bloom is a beautiful and successful location for our ads. We will continue to advertise.

Trish Sterling
Sterling Real Estate
Advertising in Bloom Magazine has been a very positive experience for Sterling Real Estate. This magazine received instant respect in the community which in turn gave my new business positive recognition.

Brooke Magdzinski
Owner, b boutique
As a new business owner, advertising in Bloom Magazine has been a very effective way of reaching my market! My customers range from high school students to grandparents, and they all look to Bloom to see what is going on in this wonderful town!

Tom Gallagher
Gallagher Properties
I have had more positive comments from my Bloom Magazine ad campaign than anything else I have done. People love this magazine and eagerly wait for the next issue.

Mark Kruzan
Mayor, City of Bloomington
Bloom Magazine reflects the spirit, energy, and community character of Bloomington!


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