Recipe of the Month: Cottage Cheese and Paneer

Cottage Cheese

There are yummy recipes to come using these recipes! But first things first — here is how to make Chef David Davenport’s homemade cottage cheese and paneer. Cottage Cheese Chef David Davenport Bloomington Cooking School  Lots of cheese cloth Large, heavy-bottom pan Flat-ended spatula, wooden or plastic Large bowl Candy thermometer Large strainer Ladle 2/3 cup white wine vinegar (any brand but Regina) 1 cup fresh lemon juice (not bottled) 1 gallon whole milk Salt, to taste Whipping cream, to taste 1) Wet inside of the pan with water then pour milk into the pan. Place thermometer on pan. 2) Place over medium-low heat and constantly stir across pan bottom (in all directions) with the spatula until the temperature reaches [...]

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Should Kids Learn Handwriting? An IU Scientist Thinks So


BY JANET MANDELSTAM With computers, tablets, and smartphones able to communicate everything from 140-character tweets to book-length manuscripts, is there really any need for handwriting today? Karin James thinks so. The Indiana University neuroscientist has conducted experiments with young children that show an important connection between writing by hand and the learning process. The relevance of handwriting is a hot topic in educational circles these days as most states have adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which calls for teaching handwriting only in kindergarten and first grade. In response to citizen concerns about de-emphasizing handwriting, the newly crafted Indiana Academic Standards call for handwriting instruction from kindergarten through fifth grade. But the national trend is clear: Penmanship classes are [...]

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