Retirees in Bloomington: What Brings Them to Our Fair City


BY JEREMY SHERE Over the past several years, Bloomington, like many college towns, has become a hot spot for retiring baby boomers. In 2012, Forbes magazine included Bloomington in its list of “25 Best Places to Retire,” and, in 2013, the AARP Bulletin named Bloomington among its “10 Great Small Cities for Retirement.” So what makes our town such a popular place for retirees? “Many people think of their college years as the best time of their lives,” says local developer Eric Stolberg, president and CEO of WS Property Group, who has worked on dozens of projects catering to retirees in Bloomington and throughout Indiana. “There’s a strong pull to retire to the place where you went to college, or [...]

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Travis Puntarelli: Returns Home to Play the Buskirk-Chumley (Video)


BY JEREMY SHERE On and off for the past decade, local singer-songwriter and acoustic storyteller Travis Puntarelli has been living a minstrel’s life, wandering across the United States and Europe, communing and playing music with fellow vagabonds. This April, Puntarelli is bringing his music to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater for a special performance. A Show of Hats: An Evening of Music & Storytelling was organized by local musician Marc Haggerty and also features Bloomington folk music legend Dillon Bustin, who now lives in the Boston, Massachusetts, area. Puntarelli’s set will consist of two stories: one set in a fantasy landscape populated by fairies and trolls and another set in the modern, everyday world. And while Puntarelli hopes people like his music, [...]

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