Comedy in Bloomington


BY JEREMY SHERE, PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHANNON ZAHNLE June 8, 2013. The Buskirk-Chumley Theater is packed. It’s the closing night of Bloomington’s inaugural Limestone Comedy Festival. The sold-out crowd, buoyed by the festival’s success thus far, buzzes with anticipation. As the house lights dim, the buzz grows louder until, with the announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, Pete Holmes!” it bursts into an avalanche of applause. The gangly 6-foot-6-inch comedian bounds onto the stage, the crowd settles in, and the laughter begins. Holmes, like fellow festival headliners Maria Bamford, Tig Notaro, and Doug Benson, is a topflight, cutting-edge comedian who frequently appears on TV comedy specials, late-night talk shows (Holmes now has his own), and at top venues around the country. So what [...]

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Bloomington’s Flower Lady

Flower Farm

BY NANCY R. HILLER, PHOTOGRAPHY BY JAMES KELLAR It’s the classic back-to-the-land fantasy. Purchase some acreage. Build your own home. Support yourself with work that’s honest, good, and necessary: growing food, weaving cloth, making pottery. Most who set out on this path, whether in the “back-to-the-land” movement of the 1960s or in more recent decades, find it rockier than they imagined. Manual labor takes a toll on the body. Injuries, even minor ones, can spell economic disaster. Days spent in repetitive tasks are decidedly more monotonous than romantic. Financial security is nonexistent. Most end up abandoning their dream, or at least consigning the beloved activity to spare-time status in favor of work that’s less physically demanding, more secure, and held [...]

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