Little Libraries Springing Up All Over Town

Little Library

BY JULIE GRAY This spring, the Elm Heights neighborhood Listserv was abuzz with postings about a dollhouse-size library that had sprung up in the front yard of freelance editor and translator Marie Deer, at East 1st Street and South Highland Avenue. Deer calls her two-shelf library, from which anyone is invited to take or leave a volume, a book house. She erected it in honor of her late parents, Barbara and Donald Deer, who had been missionaries in Congo and were “huge readers.” There are already a number of similar libraries around town — five sponsored by Ivy Tech’s Center for Civic Engagement and another in the Grandview Hills Neighborhood — all affiliated with the Little Free Library movement, which [...]

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Seaview Outfitters: New Clothing and Gear Store Opens on Downtown Square

Seaview Outfitters

BY JANET MANDELSTAM There’s no view of the sea from the new store on the downtown Square, but its name, Seaview Outfitters, comes with a backstory. When he was 18, Steve Thomas, owner of the outdoor clothing and gear store, began spending summers in Hope, Alaska — where there really is a view of the sea — visiting his Aunt Renna’s Seaview Cafe and Bar. Those summers, he says, “provided a great opportunity to refresh and to get out in the woods.” They also provided the germ of a business idea. What Thomas (and his younger brothers Jack and Charlie, who followed him to Hope) saw was “a small business run with passion and great customer interaction.” Combining those business [...]

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