The ‘Reborn’ Uptown Café Old Favorites + Hip New Dishes

Eggplant parmigiana. Photo by Aubrey Dunnuck

BY CHRISTINE BARBOUR Michael Cassady has caught his second wind. When Bloom last profiled the venerable Uptown Café five years ago, Cassady sounded like a man with retirement on his mind. He spoke nostalgically of his former days running a tiny restaurant that just served breakfast. He was perfectly happy with the New Orleans-inspired place on the downtown Square he’d run since 1984 and owned by himself since 1999. He had, he said, no thoughts of expanding. Somebody must have put something in this man’s Sazerac. Today the Uptown Café is abuzz with new energy. Cassady, at 65, “feels 40 again,” rejuvenated, full of verve, albeit in his soft-spoken, low-key way. His son, Lake Hubbard, is running the kitchen (with […]

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Makevention 2015 (Photo Gallery)

Building small green robots with his 3-D printer, 10-year -old Toby Thomassen built his printer from a kit for a fourth grade project.

The maker movement is alive in Bloomington. Saturday, August 29, saw the gathering of tinkers, inventors, artists, and other creators at the Bloomington/Monroe County Convention Center. Participants at Makevention 2015 saw numerous demonstrations, and, in keeping with the maker movement, were given the opportunity to do it themselves. Makevention even provided newer tools and materials, such as 3-D printers and e-textiles, to adult researchers and curious children alike. Check out a sampling of the gadgets and creations exhibited in this photo gallery by Darryl Smith. —Erin Stephenson

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