Clearly Depart: A Business that Prepares People for Their Deaths

BY STEPHANIE VON HIRSCHBERG In Kel McBride’s workshops, designed to help people prepare for their own deaths, participants are often surprised to learn how varied their “body disposition” options are. They could, for instance, choose to have their ashes shot into space, as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry did. Musicians can have their cremated remains pressed into vinyl records (visit Artistically inclined folk might opt for blending their remains into paints that loved ones could apply to canvas. “There are a ton of things you can do with ashes,” McBride says. Body disposition is just one of the topics that McBride, 46, a certified end-of-life specialist, covers in her course, “A Death Changing Experience.” Her mission is to make […]

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Janiece Jaffe: Singer

BY SOPHIE BIRD Janiece Jaffe always felt there was something inherently sacred about her voice, but she wasn’t always forthcoming about her vocal abilities. She preferred to keep her talent to herself. “It was my secret,” she says. “I went underground with it until later in my life.” Although Jaffe, 58, is now an improvisational vocalist and sound healing practitioner, by the time she realized her dream of singing professionally she had worked as a preschool teacher for more than a decade. Then, at age 30 and raising four children, she realized she needed to make a change. “I woke up one weekend and said, ‘I have to sing. If I don’t sing, I’m going to regret it for the […]

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