Helen Zike, 102, and Still Quilting!

Helen Zike

BY CARMEN SIERING When people meet healthy centenarians, they frequently ask the same question: What’s the secret to a long life? If you ask Helen Zike, who turns 102 on September 7, she’ll tell you: work hard, stay connected to family and community, and have a tenacious spirit. Helen Blackwell was born in 1912 on a farm north of Bedford, Indiana. “We were poor, but we didn’t know it,” she says of life in the country where her family, like nearly everyone else, grew most of their food and recycled feed sacks to make everything from blouses to bedcovers. She was just 11 when her mother became chronically ill. It fell to Helen to take on the household chores. “I [...]

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SIRA Has Come a Long Way in Radiology in the Last 50 Years


BY JANET MANDELSTAM Time and technology have brought many changes to the field of radiology since four doctors incorporated as Southern Indiana Radiological Associates (SIRA) in 1964. New, increasingly sophisticated equipment has become available; additional services have been added; and more physicians have joined the practice. Today, as it observes its 50th year in business, SIRA’s staff of 14 radiologists and two radiation oncologists uses the latest medical imaging technology to find and diagnose disease or injuries. What started simply with X-rays now includes CT and PET scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, breast imaging, and radiation oncology. Dr. Bruce Monson has seen many of these changes since he joined SIRA 20 years ago. A specialist in body imaging (CT scans, MRIs, and [...]

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