There’s a Healthy Appetite for WFIU’s ‘Earth Eats’

Earth Eats_rotator

BY CARROL KRAUSE What local radio show easily outperforms both This American Life and Fresh Air on Twitter? The answer is Indiana Public Media’s Earth Eats, aired Saturday mornings on WFIU and hosted by Annie Corrigan. With 329,000 Twitter followers [in February 2015], it gathers about 100 new followers every day and is one of the most popular Twitter accounts for any public media program. Corrigan points out, “This American Life has 275,000 followers while Fresh Air has 191,000 [also in February]. We’re really, really proud of — and baffled by — that.” The show airs at 7:30 a.m., a perfect time for local foodies who are getting ready to go to the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market. “Listeners come to […]

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Wolfgang Brendel: German Opera Star Turned Teacher

Voice Professor Wolfgang Brendel in his office. Photo by Naama Levy

BY JEREMY SHERE For world-renowned opera baritone and voice Professor Wolfgang Brendel, teaching students to sing is more art than science. “There are many books about singing, but I don’t believe they help,” says Brendel, 67, who joined the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music faculty in 2011. “Every student is unique, and you have to teach each as an individual. It’s very difficult to predict how a given voice will develop.” Brendel knows a thing or two about excelling at a young age. Selected to attend the prestigious Wiesbaden Conservatory of Music in Germany at age 16, he made his stage debut six years later, in 1969, and was soon heralded as a rising star on the German opera […]

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