‘Whatever Comes Next’ Film About Local Painter to Open at IU Cinema


BY JEREMY SHERE On April 26, Indiana University Cinema will present the U.S. debut of Whatever Comes Next, a documentary about local painter Annemarie Mahler. The film had its world premiere in Switzerland last November and won a Winter 2015 Silver Award for documentary feature from the International Independent Film Awards. With an original score by the Norwegian-French composer Olav Lervik, the film focuses on the 89-year-old Mahler’s current, day-to-day life in Bloomington and at her summer home on Cape Cod. “Annemarie has had a very eventful life, so the film could have focused on the past,” says Hildegard Keller, the film’s producer-director and a professor of Germanic studies at IU. “But Annemarie lives in the moment, always open to [...]

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Robert Meitus: Lawyer-Musician


BY MIKE LEONARD It’s a typical day at the office, which means Robert Meitus is a little disgusted and not surprised in the least. “If you could see the contract that an artist sent me today — it’s a contract I wouldn’t let my client sign in a million years,” he says. Meitus, 49, has seen it all before, too many times. “It has been customary for many artists, and these days, especially rap artists, to sign away high amounts of their rights for a chance. Just a chance to make it big. They [music labels] will dangle names out there. Oh, you could work with this name or that name. And the artists are so hungry for a chance [...]

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