Gather: A Handmade Art Shop for 
Adults, Kids, and Even Pets


BY LEE ANN SANDWEISS Talia Halliday is a rookie retailer who trusts her instincts. When opportunity knocked early, she didn’t hesitate to answer. “I thought, ‘Why wait? Strike while the iron’s hot!’” exclaims Halliday, a leather artist and owner of Gather :handmade shoppe & Co: at 101 W. Kirkwood, Suite 112, in Fountain Square Mall. Her success with a pop-up shop in the mall during the 2013 holiday season convinced her that owning her own year-round store was feasible. “Sales from the pop up were so encouraging that I planned to open a store when my youngest son started school full time in 2015. But this perfect space was available in August, so here I am.” Ninety artists and craftspersons, [...]

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Adults, Kids, and Even Pets"

C3: A Chic Bar & Café Far from Madding Crowd


BY CHRISTINE BARBOUR There is plenty to love about living in a college town. Full of verve and attitude, Bloomington’s student population keeps our city thriving and young at heart. But sometimes, just sometimes, you want your drinking establishment like your wine, with a little age on it. And for that, there is now C3. Located on the southeast end of town, far from the madding crowds hanging out in Bloomington’s myriad downtown eating and drinking venues, C3 is named for its building plot in the Village Center in Renwick, as well as for the crafted cocktails and cuisine you will find there. Its owner, Bloomington developer Eric Stolberg, and his longtime property manager, Debi Otteran, wanted to create a [...]

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