Proceeds From ‘Bloom’ Book To Benefit Shalom Community Center

From the people who bring you Bloom Magazine . . .

A 196-page collection of incredible TRUE stories about the events and people of Bloomington, Indiana, and just beyond.

There is no place quite like Bloomington, Indiana. For a small city, it is loaded with fascinating people—artists, writers, musicians, poets, actors, educators, scientists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, old rockers, deep thinkers, troublemakers, and oddballs of every description. Many of them make good stories.

Bloomington also has a colorful history, dappled here and there with truly eccentric occurrences. Take, for example, the killer who landed his plane in a field, went to a nearby diner, and ordered two hamburgers. Or the Indiana University professor who had been caught smuggling drugs south of the border, then escaped from an “inescapable” Mexican prison. It’s the stuff movies are made of—and one was.

For the past 14 years, Bloom Magazine has chronicled these extraordinary stories, and many others, which, gathered together, make up the contents of this book.

Proceeds from The Killer Who Fell from the Sky go to Shalom Community Center.


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“If you’re a faithful reader of Bloom, you’ll enjoy revisiting these two dozen fascinating stories from past issues. If by some misfortune you haven’t encountered this amazing magazine, then here’s a lively sample of what you’ve been missing—vigorous writing, bold design, and captivating portraits. Artists, musicians, dancers, scientists, ministers, filmmakers and troublemakers, survivors and celebrities, heroes and lovers—what a rich array of humanity! Buy this book, relish these stories, and help shelter homeless people in our community.” – SCOTT RUSSEL SANDERS, author of The Way of Imagination

“At the heart of all great stories is the perfect balance of something familiar with something unique. The collection put together in Bloom Magazine‘s The Killer Who Fell from the Sky are shining examples of that balance. The goal of all non-fiction stories should be the reader responding, “I didn’t know that” and, “Wow, that’s interesting.” Every one of these pieces achieves those goals and then some. They make one appreciate and thinking differently about their home, whether it be Bloomington, or the world.” –ANGELO PIZZO, screenwriter & producer of Hoosiers and Rudy

“This compendium of Bloom Magazine gems refracts the many facets of Bloomington life, people by the town’s dazzling array of folks—artists, academics, activists, convicts, killers and refugees among them. It’s Bloomington between two covers. –DOUGLAS WISSING, journalist and author of Hopeless but Optimistic: Journeying through America’s Endless War in Afghanistan and Gentleman in the Shadows: Benjamin C. Evans and the CIA.

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