Author: Rodney Margison

Doris Sims: Public Servant

In February, Doris Sims, director of the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department, was named a Living Legend at the Black History Month Gala. “I thought, ‘Oh, to be put in that category!’ I never set out to be a legend,” Sims says. “It was humbling.”

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Angelo Pizzo—Movie Star! Oh, What Could Have Been

Shortly before Angelo Pizzo began making some of Hollywood’s most beloved underdog movies, the Bloomington native nearly became a leading man himself. In a plot worthy of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, Pizzo caught the eye of one of television’s most powerful agents, who offered him guaranteed stardom.

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Charlotte Zietlow’s Book on Bloomington Tells How Ordinary Folks Can Change Government

Charlotte Zietlow is arguably Bloomington’s leading citizen, having served as a City Council member, Monroe County’s first female County Commissioner, and in countless other political and community roles. Now, at 82, she’s written a book that chronicles the city’s political history, explores the fragility of democracy, and demonstrates how ordinary citizens have the power to change their government.  

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