Malcolm Dalglish Presents Evening Of Music, Dance, Love — and Pie

  BY PAUL BICKLEY An evening filled with music, dance, humor — and pie — is in store for those attending the reprise of Malcolm Dalglish’s Love Songs for a Lasting World at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. The show, first performed last year, is scheduled for the evening before Valentine’s Day, February 13, at 7 p.m., and celebrates not just romantic love, but what Dalglish calls the “multiplicity of love.” Dalglish, a veteran composer, director, and hammer dulcimer player, says the show was inspired in part by a solo hike he took on the John Muir Trail in California, and is his valentine to the Earth and a hymn for preserving it. “As men, we need to change our behavior, change […]

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Anna Wrasse: Age 13—Songstress With A Future

BY TRACY ZOLLINGER TURNER Anna Wrasse is pretty sure she penned her first song on the notes app of her smartphone when she was 10. “Then I probably deleted it,” she says, laughing. “I probably thought it was horrible.” A little uncertainty and self-consciousness didn’t keep her from pushing forward, albeit quietly. At 11, she wrote several more songs, but preserved them in her phone-bound secret stash, out of sight of friends and family. After about a year of privately scripting and scrapping, she finally felt she had written one or two compositions that were good enough to share with her mother.  New opportunities have been opening up for Wrasse ever since. And in September, she won the Ferdinand Folk […]

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Jerry Horner: Helping Chamber Musicians Around the World

BY JANET MANDELSTAM Jerry Horner heard a viola when he was 14 and fell in love with the sound. Until then, he had studied the violin for several years, but it would be as a violist that Horner would make his mark as a performer, teacher, and mentor to young musicians, and as a coach of string quartets around the world. Now 81, Horner has retired as professor of music from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and retired after 20 years as the violist with the Fine Arts Quartet. His career has been bookended by two stints in Bloomington. An Indiana University graduate, Horner was a violist with the Pittsburgh Symphony in the mid-1970s, with no plans to return to his […]

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Cardinal Stage Company Revives ‘Oliver!’ for the Holiday Season

BY SOPHIE BIRD Cardinal Stage Company is celebrating its 10th anniversary season, and Artistic Director Randy White sees it as the right time to come full circle. “I’ve had a number of requests over the years to redo Oliver! and it happens to be one of my favorite shows,” says White. “It all came together as an idea that made sense for this year.” White is also taking this opportunity to track down members from the original 2007 Cardinal production of Oliver! and invite them to see the new cast perform. “Everybody’s moved on,” says White. “It’s 10 years later. If you were 8, you’re going to college now. We’re going to be bringing those kids up on stage and […]

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Jason & Ginger: Singing the Bloomington Blues

BY PETER DORFMAN The performing duo of Jason Fickel and Ginger Curry came together in classic blues fashion. “We met at a bar,” Curry recalls. It was at an open mic event at the now-defunct Cellar Lounge. Fickel and Curry played together that night, liked the sound, and began performing as Jason & Ginger in 2010. It was a meeting of two distinctly different musical paths. Kansas-born Fickel, 48, had been a devoted bluesman. Though he’d grown up listening mostly to country music, he got hooked on the blues as a teenager, went to college in Mississippi, and found mentors among traditional blues musicians like James “Son” Thomas. As for Curry, 46, “I didn’t sing blues until I met Jason,” […]

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