A potentially explosive situation ended in almost comical fashion when a group calling itself the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN) picketed Boxcar Books and Community Center at 408 E. 6th St. on Monday, August 26.

Four members of the white supremacist group brandished signs including one depicting a hanging black man and called Boxcar employees communists and Zionists. Boxcar supporters remained calm for the most part and handed out flyers to curious onlookers that read “White Supremacists at IU?” and went on to explain that TYN “is a fascist national network for ‘ethnic cleansing’ with university chapters across North America.”

Individual arguments broke out, there were chants and counter-chants, and eventually a few members of the Boxcar Books crowd turned the garden hose on the white supremacists who were being filmed by a crew from ABC’s 20/20. The water hose, some duct tape, and thrown fruit drove away the TYN members who were chanting “White Power, Take a Shower!”