Arlo: First Place

What is your name and what is your breed (if applicable)? 
My name is Arlo and I was found in the wild so my breed is undetermined. However, my human and I like to assume that I am the son of a strapping bobcat and a beautiful barn cat.

You can find more about me at and on instagram at @arlothewild

What is your favorite food?
Right now, being 12 weeks old, I am limited to a kitten diet so I haven’t had a lot of meal experience. I am quite fond of Blue Wilderness Canned Kitten Food.

What is your favorite activity?
My favorite activity is playing fetch with my human. We play for almost an hour every night. I like hide and seek too.

What’s the worst mischief you’ve gotten into?
As much fun as I think it is, my human doesn’t really like it when I thrash through my litter box and throw litter all over the room when I am hyper. (If he would just play more fetch I wouldn’t have to do it)

What’s your best quality?
My human is very proud of my intelligence. I learned to play fetch, know my name, and use a litter box all before I was 10 weeks old. I am most proud of social skills. Many cats like their independence, but I would rather be cuddled up or running all over my humans. I am also extremely tiny which makes me cuter.

What’s your pet peeve?
I live in my human’s room while he is at work so my greatest pet peeve is when the house dog lays outside the room and breaths and whines through the bottom of the door all day.

See more photos of Arlo in the slideshow below.


Mr. Pants: Second Place

What is your favorite activity?
Playing with the toys I make. Yep, when my caregiver brushes me she balls up my hair and I love to chase it around the house, especially really fast down the spiral stairs. And I can make a new toy each week. My caregiver wonders where they all go. I won’t tell.

What’s your best quality?
My fabulous, fuzzy pants of course! Did you see those pants? I like to show ‘em off. I think I might start a business and I’ve already got a tag line “Pants Brand Pants – ask for them by name.”

What’s your pet peeve?
People who say “pet peeve.” I’m no “pet!” I am master of this house!

But on a daily basis this is my big issue that maybe someone can help me with – please! I used to live out in the country with lots of dogs and acted like them, running around in the woods and fields for hours and hours. Now I live downtown in this tiny, pumpkin of a house and she doesn’t let me outside without supervision. She keeps talking about cars but I could totally handle it. But the worst part, I have to wear a HARNESS! So embarrassing and humiliating but I want to go out all the time, so every day as much as I can, I tell her “MEEEEOUT” and “NOOOOOW” as loud as I can.


KandanKandan Grace: Third Place

What’s the worst mischief you’ve  gotten into?
The worst mischief I have ever gotten into was just two weeks ago. My mama didn’t close the bathroom door all the way and I got her brand new toothpaste, chewed it open, and smeared it all over the carpet and my face. My mama could only laugh at me.

What’s your best quality?
My best quality is that I have a strong, resilient spirit. I was abused as a puppy by my first owner from 8 weeks old until I was 5 1/2 months old.  Then the rescue organization called my mama and she came and got me and moved me from Wisconsin to Indiana, since then I’ve made a lot of progress at being well behaved where ever I am and learned to not be aggressive toward everyone. Although I am still working on that last one.

What’s your pet peeve?
My pet peeve is that I can’t have the entire bed I sleep in. I mean, it is labeled queen size and I am the queen of the house!


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