Issue: April/May 2018

Hear Great Music the Way it Was at Bloomington Early Music Festival

Bach and his contemporaries would be surprised if they were to attend modern concerts of their works. The baroque style of performance was different, as were the instruments themselves—string instruments, for example, were constructed with animal intestines, not steel, and bows were of a different design. But Bloomington audiences will be able to hear something closer to what the composers intended during the Bloomington Early Music Festival May 18–27.  

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The Cade: A Place to Imbibe, Play Games, and ‘Geek Out’

A sign posted above the wooden bar at The Cade reads, “Play like a kid, but act like an adult.” That typifies the mindset of Jeremy Black, who co-owns the new arcade bar with his fiancée, Chelsea Long. Black says he created the bar to give people a place to enjoy a drink while they play arcade, board, and card games—and, essentially, “geek out.” 

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Bloomington United Is Back

With hate crimes at their highest national 
level in years and mass shootings occurring 
with horrifying regularity, this anti-racism, 
pro-diversity organization has regrouped and 
is ready to respond to acts of prejudice and 
intolerance in our community.

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The Fight to Save Our Forests and Wildlife

There was a time when the whooping crane had no protections. Back then, there was no Endangered Species Act, no national wildlife refuges—in fact, the very concept of the environment as something to be protected, or even considered, was utterly foreign.

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