Issue: August/September 2018

Autumn is the Time For Irish Red Ales

As Indiana University students return to campus, Bloomington is once again taking on shades of cream and crimson. While I’m an ardent IU supporter, in the fall my favorite place to see those hues are in my beer glass, as my tastes turn toward malty red ales.

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After 40 Years, Musicians Reconnect for New Album

An acoustic guitar player, Caesar Pacifici founded The Flying Cloud with British-born bouzouki player Brian Brooks. The group recorded an album for Adelphi Records and toured the British Isles and the United States. Then, the band split up and the two men fell out of contact for more than 30 years.

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Local Designer Gives New Life to Keepsake T-Shirts

Fashion-savvy Bloomingtonians seeking a personal touch for their wardrobe might consider the unusual creations made by Jane Matranga. Since she retired from teaching fashion design at Indiana University in May, Matranga has been amping up her line of Ms Tarantula sportswear, including a variety of casualwear made almost entirely of previously worn T-shirts.

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