Issue: December 2017/ January 2018

New B-town Resident Is Noted Film Producer

In Tricky Dick and the Man in Black, Richard Nixon invites Johnny Cash to perform at the White House in 1970 and issues a press release stating that Cash will perform Guy Drake’s “Welfare Cadillac” and Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee,” songs about small-town Americans who don’t wear long hair, use drugs, or burn draft cards. Cash performed neither.

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New Books from IU Press: “Chuck Taylor: All Star”

Many people own, and many more know of, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star athletic shoes. Though the basketball players they were originally designed for stopped wearing them in games in 1969, these kicks are still kicking. Today, they can be seen on everyone from Michelle Obama and Miley Cyrus to Will Smith and Kristen Stewart.

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Warm Up with Port

After dinner with friends, we usually enjoy a small glass of grappa or brandy. But with winter approaching and the holidays in sight, we turn to port for its Old World warmth and cheer. My wife, Jan, enjoys bringing out her precious antique crystal glasses for the occasion.

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