Issue: June/July 2017

New Program Uses Music to Help Alzheimer’s Patients & Caregivers

Barbara Edmonds is enlisting high school music students, adult volunteers, and local professionals in her efforts to use music to enrich the lives of Monroe County elders living with Alzheimer’s disease. The nonprofit program she founded, Blooming Memories Thru Music, grew out of Edmonds’ experience watching her closest friend work as a caregiver for a relative with Alzheimer’s.

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Recipes for Summer from ‘Earth Eats’ Book

For more than eight years, WFIU-FM has provided locally sourced food ideas via its weekly Earth Eats radio show. A new cookbook written by the program’s host, Annie Corrigan, along with program contributor Chef Daniel Orr, allows foodies to keep Earth Eats at their fingertips.

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InBloom: Local Growers Make Choosing Natives Easy

More and more home gardeners are choosing to grow native plants, not only because they add a variety of shapes and textural interest but because, at some time during their life cycle, for one reason or another, most of our native insects require a host plant that is native. Likewise, the birds that frequent our gardens depend on our native insects for nourishment. For example, it takes thousands of caterpillars and insects to sustain a young clutch of baby birds.

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