Issue: October/November 2019

Shrubs Add Fall & Winter Interest to Home Gardens

The spring and summer months are when gardens are the most colorful, but it is easy to make our fall and winter gardens interesting as well. Shrubs are especially helpful as they are easy to care for once established, and come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes.

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Posh Boutique Caters ‘To Ladies from 20 to 80’

With a daughter and two young grandchildren residing in Bloomington, Laurel Nardine thought it was a good time to move her fashion boutique, Posh, from one Indiana downtown to another. So, after seven years in Vincennes, Nardine relocated Posh Boutique to 118 S. College, the space formerly occupied by Lola and Company.

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IU to Hold Fashion Show For Folks With Disabilities

The fashion world has rarely accommodated people living with disabilities. Most often, clothing created for individuals who use a wheelchair, are unable to manipulate buttons, or need specialized footwear or other clothing adaptations comes with an obvious, sometimes awkward, preference for function over form.

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