The B-Line Trail has become a prime destination for walkers, runners, and cyclists. Now finished, and with the addition of fitness stations along the way, the B-Line offers trail-goers the opportunity to supplement a cardiovascular workout with basic strength training.

“We worked with the city for several years, and [fitness stations] came out of that partnership,” says Amanda Roach, media relations coordinator for IU Health Bloomington Hospital, one of the trail’s sponsors. “We thought the exercise stations would contribute to our mission of helping people stay active.”

The stations include a balance beam, situp bench, stretching equipment, and chin-up/pullup bars—all that are needed for a basic strength-training program, according to many fitness experts.

Former Marine Sergeant Chris Snell cites military training as a good example of bodyweight-only exercise, noting, “In boot camp, there was lots of marching, running, pushups, pullups, situps, flutter kicks, jumping jacks…so much stuff, and not a single one of us used dumbbells or a weight room.”

Snell says the stations provide an effective workout without the need for a gym. Personal trainer Eli Henline agrees: “If you’re trying to put on muscle to get big, bodyweight stuff can only take you so far. But most people don’t want to be big—they want to not be fat, and the trail and stations can help with that.”


B-Line Trail Exercise Station Information

Upper Body: A series of raised bars can be used for working the arms, shoulders, and chest. Exercises include pullups, chin-ups, one-arm hangs, or more advanced gymnastic moves incorporating the whole body.

Lower Body: A balance beam can work the leg muscles and strengthen the abdominals as well as provide a good hand grip for pushups. Situps and crunches can be performed with the bench.

Stretching: Several metal poles with foot- rests and a taller central pole can assist with a variety of stretches.