The Second Kitchen Collective was created by a group of college-age friends who love music and film. The house where a few of the members live has two kitchens, the second of which has been transformed into an intimate music studio. The collective features both local and touring musicians.

From 1998 to 2009 Chris Barth toured throughout the U.S. and Europe as the frontman of a Bloomington-based, psychedelic indie-rock band called The Impossible Shapes. The Collective says, “Alone, he spins clever acoustic narratives about magick, lost love, nature, and other equally delightful subject matter.” Barth, who is also known in the local music scene as Normanoak, spends his days teaching in Harmony School‘s Early Childhood Program.

Click here to see more videos of Chris Barth performing in the Second Kitchen Collective studio.

We will be posting Second Kitchen Collective videos monthly, but in the meantime they have many more featured musicians to keep you entertained!