Mary Huskey

Mary Huskey is the winner of this contest! Congratulations! Photo by Lynae Sowinski

Do you want to try Bloomington’s new first-class restaurant? We are giving away a $50 gift certificate to Topo’s 403 to the lucky winner who answers the following questions correctly, which are based on feature stories in the current issue of Bloom.

1) In “IU Jacobs School of Music: The Next Generation,” a marimba and voice combination is one of the favorite pairings of which musician?
2) In “A Home Where Art Lives,” which artist’s work can be seen from the house’s kitchen window?
3) In Cuba, scarves worn by school children designate the students’ grade levels. In “A Sentimental Journey,” which grade does a red scarf designate?

Here are the instructions:
Read through the feature stories (either online or in print) to find the answers to the questions.
Post your answers in the comment section below before Sunday November 4 at 11:59 pm. Your comment will not appear on this post until the contest is over.

It’s that easy! On Monday morning, we will randomly select a winner from the entries with correct answers. The winner will be emailed and can collect a $50 gift certificate at the Bloom office. The winner will also be announced in a comment on this post.

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