Reach High Consultants

Audra Lampkins with Nathan Cleary. Photo by Shannon Zahnle


As more and more students are being diagnosed earlier these days with Autism Spectrum Disorders, there are “a ton of people” in Bloomington who need help, says Audra Lampkins, founder of Reach High Consulting (RHC). This Bloomington-based business specializes in assisting people affected by autism, as well as students who have fallen behind academically or have behavioral difficulties.

“There are so many now who are being identified [with autism] that it’s imperative to have early intervention and parent education that can answer the important questions,” Lampkins says. “What are your rights? What kinds of things can you ask for and what can you expect? Who should you reach out to, and where do you find these people?”

RHC offers extended services based on the latest in Applied Behavior Analysis principles and procedures. By emphasizing verbal behavior, direct instruction, and other evidence-based methods, RHC’s approach helps students reach their maximum potential, Lampkins says.

Lampkins, 31, who holds a degree in speech and language from IU, felt that Bloomington was a natural choice for her business.

Lampkins is inspired by the fact that no two days in her profession are alike. “You always have to go and find more education for yourself, staying on top of what’s next, what’s good, what’s not so good, and making those adjustments for the kids,” she says.