Holiday Feast

Holiday meals are most memorable when prepared and shared with family and friends, says Chef Daniel Orr. From left: Eric Bolstridge (WTIU producer and videographer), Brooke Baker (Daniel Orr’s assistant), Chef Daniel Orr, Gretchen Marks, Mary Lu Orr, and Annie Corrigan (producer of WFIU’s Earth Eats).
Photo by Leigh Bush


During the holidays, many dream of going over the river and through the woods to a house where a fire blazes in a big stone hearth and commingling aromas of fresh cooked meats and treats fill the air.

Growing up in Columbus, Indiana, Daniel Orr, chef/owner of FARMbloomington, had that idyllic experience every year at the home of artist Gretchen Marks, a family friend who lives in a rustic wonderland between Columbus and Nashville, Indiana. Orr recently returned to Marks’ home with his mother, Mary Lu Orr, and a crew from WFIU Public Radio to recreate—and document—the kind of traditional Hoosier holiday feast he enjoyed as a boy.

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