WFHB celebrated its first official broadcast with the sound of an ancient gong on January 4, 1993. For its first year, the community radio station was located in a “tiny shack” on the extreme south side of Bloomington, and that year the volunteers traveled a collective 30,000 miles just to get to work.

With the help of former IU President Herman B Wells and patron Cecile Waldron, WFHB continued to grow and soon moved to 108 W. 4th St., the historic firehouse it continues to call home.

“What we have done, and what we can do,” says WFHB General Manager Chad Carrothers, “is made possible by progressive, forward-thinking community leaders….” Four of these leaders spoke at the WFHB 20th anniversary party on February 20. They were Monroe County Commissioner Iris Kiesling; the first general manager at WFHB, Brian Kearney; Indiana University Provost Lauren Robel; and Mayor Mark Kruzan.

In tribute to the first broadcast, each speaker struck the same gong that sounded over the local airwaves 20 years ago.