Monroe County Public Library (MCPL) Children’s Services fired up kids’ interest in reading at its first outdoor event on Thursday, a flaming hula hoop performance. Summer Vee of the Kali-Ma Fire Troupe and Paula Chambers of The Hudsucker Posse handled a variety of objects set ablaze, including wire fans and poi.

The performance, funded by the Friends of the Library, was part of the 2014 Summer Reading Program themed “Fizz, Boom, Read.”

“We were really pleased with the turnout,” said Lisa Champelli, children’s services coordinator at the MCPL. “These special events help encourage children to read for fun during the summer.”

The performance brought families to the library, who were then encouraged to sign up for the summer reading program indoors. While parents registered, kids participated in chalk art and other activities offered by library staff.

According to Champelli, Children’s Services has many events planned for the summer, featuring several performers from the community.