Moving Lola Rue & Company from an area surrounded by high-end student apartments at the corner of West 10th Street and North College to a spot closer to the downtown Square is a change that excites owner Lisa Orme.

“I love the old building, the high ceilings,” Orme says of her new 118 S. College location. “It’s given us a new spark. I’m amazed at how much I embraced the move.”

A 6-year-old boutique known for one-of-a-kind furnishings, gifts, and clothing, Lola Rue contains a mix of old and new styles with fresh arrivals of merchandise every two weeks. While Orme loved the “college kid’s parent” client base at her old place, she also knew a change in location wouldn’t deter her loyal Bloomington customers. “My regulars are going to come,” Orme says. “They want to see what’s new.”

Customers can still expect to find looks that range from European antique to industrial, many with added creative touches by Orme and her staff. Hand-painted signs or decorative boxes are just a sample of the unique pieces Lola Rue carries. “I like the hand-done,” Orme says. “I like pretty things but I don’t want to spend a fortune making it pretty.”

Painted furniture is the number-one seller in the shop. With the help of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, any piece of furniture can be given a high-end look. “It requires no priming and is really easy to use,” Orme says. Lola Rue is the only shop that carries this line of paint in south-central Indiana and also offers paint classes twice a month.

Jewelry is another popular item, and all of it is made in-house. “And you can always find a pretty good gift,” Orme says. Items range in price from $5 to $500.

While Orme has witnessed more local traffic since the move, the type of customer remains the same. “All of my customers are really creative people. They love home, design, art, repurposing,” Orme says.