Scotty’s Brewhouse Honored for Doing ‘The Right Thing’

BY JANET MANDELSTAM “There shouldn’t be an award for doing the right thing,” says Scott Wise, founder of Scotty’s Brewhouse. Nonetheless, the Indianapolis-based company with restaurants in Bloomington and 18 other cities has been honored for its history of inclusive hiring and supporting people with disabilities. The award, the Ruderman Best in Business Award from the Ruderman Family Foundation, recognizes “exemplary businesses in North America that have demonstrated a history of employing people with disabilities and developing innovative approaches to maximizing employees’ abilities.” About 4 percent of Scotty’s 1,900 employees have disabilities, but Wise expects that number to grow to 10 percent by the end of 2017. The Bloomington Scotty’s, located at 302 N. Walnut, hired its first employee with […]

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Landmark Showers Building Marks 20 Years Since Revival

  BY BARB BERGGOETZ The building that housed Plant No. 1 of the Showers Brothers Furniture Company (which once produced 60 percent of the furniture in the country and provided one-fourth of all tax revenue in Bloomington) had been underutilized for years. Other vacant and distressed buildings surrounded the 200,000-square-foot eyesore. Still, local visionaries somehow pictured a bright future for the complex as part of a revitalized West Side Historic District. CFC Properties President Jim Murphy remembers when that vision became a reality 20 years ago. “That was a milestone,” Murphy says. “It was a big deal when we were able to pull this together, and the organizational entities — the City, Indiana University, and CFC — made this happen.” […]

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French Lick Resort at Age 10: A Return to Grandeur and a Revived Economy

The atrium’s domed ceiling at the West Baden Springs Hotel—a massive structure 110 feet high and 200 feet in diameter—was the world’s largest free-span dome until the Houston Astrodome was built in the 1960s. Photo by Steve Raymer   BY MOLLY BRUSH It was 1996 and West Baden Springs Hotel was in dire straits. The magnificent structure and its atrium — dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world” during its heyday in the early 1900s — had been vacant for 13 years. It was in such disrepair that a section had collapsed, and the entire building was in danger of following suit. Now, 10 years after completion of a restoration project undertaken by Bloomington-based Cook Group, West Baden Springs Hotel [...]

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New Owners of Bakehouse Bring New Ideas, Menu, Hours

BY MOLLY BRUSH If you’ve visited the Bakehouse on Bloomington’s downtown Square in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed some changes. For one thing, it’s no longer the Scholars Inn Bakehouse — it’s now Black Canyon Bakehouse. It also has a new look and a new menu. The transformation is due to the efforts of the restaurant’s new owners, Ken Davenport and Garrett Hibiske. The two bought both the downtown Bakehouse and Scholars Inn Gourmet Café & Wine Bar from Lyle Feigenbaum in November 2015. Davenport and Hibiske, who also own Black Canyon Restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, set out to bring a fresh approach to the Bakehouse, starting with improvements to the interior, including new paint and lighting. […]

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Wayne Shive: King of Condiments and Indiana’s Paul Newman

BY JANET MANDELSTAM Wayne Shive jokingly calls himself the King of Condiments. His company, Best Boy & Co., produces 18 sweet and savory sauces, mustards, and spice blends. It’s just the latest venture for this serial entrepreneur. Retired after running a number of businesses in such diverse fields as health care, manufacturing, and restaurant services, Shive says cooking had always been a hobby. “I had no idea I would start a food business,” he says, but friends urged him to sell the sauces he turned out in his kitchen. Shive, who lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, made his first two dessert sauces — hot fudge and chili hot fudge — in 2007, but it took two years to meet all […]

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