Billy Young: The Bicycle Man (video)

BY CARMEN SIERING Bloomington is a bike town and it’s common to see people riding bikes for recreation and sport, and even as a means of transportation. But for some folks, having a bike means a whole lot more. That’s something Billy Young understands. “When I was homeless, I had a couple of jobs and the biggest obstacle was getting to them,” Young says. “A bicycle can be an answer. Maybe just a stepping-stone answer, but an answer so that people can start to get back on their feet again.” In August, Young was presented with the Outstanding Resident Volunteer Award by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) for the work he does in salvaging, restoring, and donating […]

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James Shanahan: Dean of The Media School

BY CARMEN SIERING The Media School at Indiana University, established in July 2014, began under a cloud. School of Journalism faculty, students, and alumni were unsure what the move would mean once the school was no longer situated in Ernie Pyle Hall and was taken under the umbrella of the College of Arts and Sciences. Founding Dean James Shanahan understood their apprehensions. “If I were in their shoes and my school were being merged into something else or changed, I would have concerns,” he says. “So our main job was to get the school up and running, get the faculty and technology in place, and get all the moving parts organized and managed.” Shanahan, who started in May 2015 and […]

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Barbara Restle: A Life Well Lived

  BY ERIN HOLLINDEN Barbara Restle, 90, teared up when she heard “Yours Is My Heart Alone” composed by Franz Lehar sung in German at a benefit for Shalom Community Center. “The world is very small,” she says. As an 11-year-old, Restle heard Lehar’s music in an Austrian opera house where Nazi flags flanked the stage. Restle was born in Paris to Christian parents from New Jersey, the third of five children. When WWII began, the family lived near Vienna, riding carriages up a cobbled Roman road, past Beethoven’s home, to their villa overlooking Baden bei Wien. Restle watched as Austria was annexed by the Nazis. “The Aryan race was ‘supreme,’ and my Jewish friends were afraid,” she remembers. As […]

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Tom Morris: Athletic Trainer

BY SUSAN M. BRACKNEY After a 2012 mountain biking accident left Tom Morris paralyzed from the waist down, the longtime Indiana University strength and conditioning coach wondered how — and if — he’d ever get back to helping student athletes achieve peak performance. From his hospital bed, Morris ruminated on a class project he’d worked on in college. “It’s kind of ironic,” he recalls. “This project was for a therapy class. You had to use a wheelchair for a whole day. … At that point I was putting in a lot of volunteer hours and interning in the weight room, and, at the end of the day, I said, ‘There is no way that you could be a strength coach out […]

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Memorable Images of Places Close to Home

The Sample Gates at Indiana University. Photo by Stephen Sproull   BY CARMEN SIERING When Stephen Sproull first picked up a camera, he often thought of all of the places in the world to which one could travel to capture beautiful images. "Now I’ve come to understand that I don’t have to jump on a plane to find that," he says. "I don’t need to be somewhere exotic to find beauty. I’m from a small town near Bloomington, and I want to make beautiful images of the places that are a part of me." If there is a secret to capturing the landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits that are the mainstay of Sproull’s portfolio, it’s patience, not only in waiting for the [...]

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