A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music According to Mississippi Records: A Film & Talk Presentation

08:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Jan 25
FAR Center for Contemporary Arts, 202 S. Rogers St, Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Cicada Cinema and Landlocked Music are excited to present:

A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music According to Mississippi Records: A Film & Talk Presentation

A mix of film, audio, slides and lecture presented by Mississippi Records founder Eric Isaacson. This presentation attempts to tell the entire history of recorded music in 90 minutes — from the first star being born to the current age of bizarre technology.
Subjects covered will include the cosmic patterns that resemble music generated by stars being born and dying, the untold early history of recording technology, the rise of blues, rock and roll, and other revolutionary American music forms and their subsequent destruction by the powers that be, and some hopeful messages about the future.

Mississippi Records is a store and label based in Portland, Oregon. They’ve released over 240 records spanning nearly every genre of music, ran a store for 15 years, and traveled the world with presentations such as this one. All of this has been done with no online presence, no promotion or advertising of any kind anywhere and no general existence in the digital world!

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19 Tuesday / March 19, 2019

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

08:00 pm to 11:00 pm
IU Auditorium

The absolute gold standard of American dance, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is renowned for celebrating the human spirit through the African-American cultural experience and the American modern dance heritage. Their mission to further the pioneering vision of the choreographer, dancer, and cultural leader Alvin Ailey by building an extended cultural community allows them to play a crucial social role using the beauty and humanity of the African-American heritage and other cultures to unite people of all races, ages, and backgrounds.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater grew from a now-fabled New York City performance in March 1958. Led by Alvin Ailey and a group of young African-American modern dancers, that performance forever changed the perception of American dance.

Since then, the Ailey company has gone on to perform for an estimated 25 million people at theatres in 48 states and 71 countries on six continents­—as well as millions more through television broadcasts, film screenings, and online platforms.

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19 Tuesday / March 19, 2019

Los Lonely Boys

08:00 pm
Buskirk-Chumley Theater

Lots of musicians compare their careers to roller-coaster rides, but Los Lonely Boys have had so many close-your-eyes-and-hang-on moments in the 14 years since they recorded their self-titled debut, they should buy an amusement park.

The story of how the Garza brothers – vocalist/guitarist Henry, bassist/vocalist Jojo, and drummer/ vocalist Ringo – rode their bluesy “Texican rock” sound from San Angelo, Texas, to worldwide fame is one of rock’s great Cinderella tales. But the story of how they’ve persevered in the face of subsequent challenges is just as compelling. In 2013, they canceled 43 shows and paused work on their last album, Revelation, after Henry was seriously hurt when he fell from a stage in Los Angeles. A couple of years previously, vocal cord nodules forced Jojo to stop singing for months. And in 2015, their mother passed away.

Their strong brotherly bond helped them through those rough spots – just as it did when they made the hard decision to step out from under their father’s musical leadership and form their own band after performing with him since childhood. The desire to follow their musical muse still drives them today, according to Jojo.

“There is no rest for those who are chosen to be musicians,” he says. “Ideas for songs are constant. We are being charged with what will be spread through our songs. We want to make music that brings people together.” That’s why they titled their 2014 release Revelation. Its songs were meant to serve as mirrors of sorts, reflecting aspects of our lives in ways that reveal new insights. “As musicians and artists,” Jojo says, “we’re here to connect with people.”

Henry’s accident caused all three brothers to re-examine not only how they make music, but how they conduct their lives. “The whole experience was a wake-up call,” Jojo admits. “It reminded us of what’s really important.” And what’s important is family. And music. For this trio, the two are inseparable. In fact, the sons of Enrique “Ringo” Garza, Sr. are a second-generation sibling band; their dad and his brothers played conjunto as the Falcones before the elder Garza formed a band with his sons.

They were still teens when he moved them to Nashville, hoping to hit career paydirt. But their big break came after they returned to Texas and began playing Austin clubs in the early 2000s. One day, Willie Nelson’s nephew heard some demos. Next thing they knew, Willie showed up at a gig. Then he showcased them at Farm Aid, fronted recording time at his famed Pedernales Studio and even guested on their album.

Released in 2003 on startup label Or Records, Los Lonely Boys got picked up by Epic and re-released. Propelled by its No. 1 single, “Heaven,” it sold over 2 million copies, spending 76 weeks on the Billboard Top 200 album chart and earning them a Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group.

Jojo believes that life’s upheavals have tightened their bond even more. “We stick together,” he adds, “and we’re trying to pass on that feeling of brotherhood, of familia, in all the music we make.”

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21 Thursday / March 21, 2019

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

08:00 pm
Buskirk-Chumley Theater

George Hinchliffe’s Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has become a global sensation and nothing short of a national treasure in the UK. With a career that spans more than 30 years, their development has been from curiosity to virtuosity, from village hall to Carnegie Hall. Using instruments bought for loose change, the Ukes of GB have performed for the British Royal Family, at the Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, and Glastonbury Festival.

On an ongoing “hand-luggage only” world tour, the Ukes provide pure entertainment, dead-pan British humour, and irresistible foot-tapping music. They are the masters of the unexpected, whether re-imaging folk songs, twisting classical music favorites, uncovering quirky versions of rock covers, or playing the performers’ own all-original compositions, they always deliver virtuosic, twanging awesomeness in a collision of post-punk performance and toe-tapping oldies.

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22 Friday / March 22, 2019

Ron White

08:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Indiana University Auditorium

Category: COMEDY

Comedian Ron “Tater Salad” White is a classic storyteller; relaying tales from his real life ranging from growing up in a small town in Texas, to sharing stories of his daily life, to becoming one of the most successful comedians in America. Ron rose to fame as the cigar-smoking, scotch-drinking funnyman from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour phenomenon, but since 2004 has established himself as a star in his own right. Over the past nine years he has been one of the top three grossing stand-up comedians on tour in America. During this time, all four of his comedy albums have charted #1 on the BillboardTM Comedy Charts. He is a three time Grammy-nominated comedian, and has sold over 10 million albums. (From tatersalad.com)

Get Tickets: www.soundchronicle.com/tickets/Ron_White_Bloomington_IN_2019-03-22_20-00

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22 Friday / March 22, 2019

Ron White

08:00 pm
IU Auditorium

Ron “Tater Salad” White, best known as the cigar smoking, scotch drinking funnyman from the “Blue Collar Comedy” phenomenon, makes his return to Bloomington with his new stand-up show.

White has achieved three Grammy nominations, a Gold Record, two of the top rated one-hour specials in Comedy Central history, a book that appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List, and CD and DVD sales of over 10 million units.

Most Recently, White can be seen in music-industry vet Cameron Crowe, and renowned director JJ Abrams’ new Showtime series, Roadies. White plays road-tested tour manager Phil, in a critically praised performance.


23 Saturday / March 23, 2019

The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra presents: From the Depths

07:00 pm to 08:30 pm
Buskirk-Chumley Theater

Join the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra on March 23rd for a concert with hidden depths…

The Hebrides, op.26 – Fingal’s Cave
Felix Mendelssohn’s richly atmospheric tone poem was inspired by the majesty of Scotland’s western coast.

American composer Steve Heitzeg’s Aqua is a series of variations based on a single theme of the boundless ocean. At times shimmering, raucous, turbulent, and plaintive, Aqua is a tribute to the life and work of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Peter Grimes: Four Sea Interludes, op.33a
Britten Britten’s powerfully evocative interludes transport the listener to the Suffolk coastline, feeling the salt spray on their face, the wind in their hair.

Fantasie for Viola
Alice Ford, soloist. The first place winner of our 2019 Youth Concerto Competition will perform Hummel’s lively Fantasie which features a bewitching use of clarinets in the accompaniment.

Also on the program are two new pieces from local composers –
Among Waves
Alex Berko, an exceptional student at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, spent a week in residence at the Glen Deven Ranch in Big Sur, drawing inspiration from the deep beauty of the landscape for inclusion in his new orchestral work.

From Under
Composer Jamie Kunselman says this fanciful piece “reminds me of a nebulous monster from under your bed as a child…in a Monster’s Inc. sort of way.”

Doors will open at 6:30pm for this reserved seating event. The program will last approximately 90 min.

This performance made possible by the generous support of Deep Blue Gear / Snorkel-Mart.

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25 Monday / March 25, 2019

Poetry Night at the Book Corner

06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Book Corner

Open mic poetry reading. Come to enjoy poetry read aloud, made up on the spot, or read your own! Open to everyone.

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29 Friday / March 29, 2019

The Jedi Handbook

to 1555113600
Bloomington Playwrights Project

Written by Stephen Massicotte
Directed by Chad Rabinovitz

A not so long time ago, in a theater not so far away, came a film that rocked the galaxy – changing both cinema and schoolyards forever…

The Jedi Handbook is a coming of age story about a young boy who survives growing older with help from The Force. Experiencing the Star Wars franchise anew, through the eyes and imagination of a kid, The Jedi Handbook takes us on a nostalgic journey back to an era we can all relate to – our childhood.

Suitable for all ages.

Box office opens at 6:30pm, house opens at 7pm, shows begin at 7:30pm.

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3 Wednesday / April 3, 2019

Luxotica Lounge Cabaret

07:00 pm to 11:00 pm
The Back Door

Genres: Exotica, Rockn Roll, Surf Rock, Lounge
“A different kind of thrill.” NY Daily News

Luxotica Lounge Cabaret is a lush burlesque show featuring stunning variety talent, with a twist. Enjoy a little circus and a lot of seduction, set to exotic original tunes performed live, that turns classic cabaret on it’s head. Featuring the internationally touring Whirlwind with the Crimson Grin, Vivacious Miss Audacious, bump and grind bombshell Gurl Haggard of the Rocket Doll Revue and special guests. The swinging 4-piece band is headed by knife juggling, saxophone wunderkind, Dr. Rocktagon.

As vibrant as your favorite technicolor tiki cocktail, Luxotica treats you to an evening of gals, games and high energy hip swinging replete with tassel twirling, hoop dance, fire eating, acrobatics and just enough audience participation to get you hooked.

Entertainment / Live Music

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