19 Friday / October 19, 2018

Don’t Call Me Betty

08:00 pm to 11:00 pm
The Player's Pub

Comprised chiefly of an elite Bloomington, Indiana brain trust, offset by a handful of mere mortals, Don’t Call Me Betty exists primarily as a cathartic release. For some, the august halls of academe, or the pressures of the Hippocratic Oath weigh heavily enough to warrant periodic trips to the school of rock. For others, hours of ceaseless empathy and grappling, or managing a vast media empire are roads to madness, and music provides an oasis. Regardless of their varied stations in life, the members of DCMB take seriously the clarion call of pure rock and roll relief. Through the practice of this craft, long-held dreams are honed, and a vehicle is found for sharing the world’s universal muse, damn the photon torpedoes. Long live the intellectual garage band.

For more information contact:

Joe Estivill
(812) 340-1910

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