Chinese Restaurants Come 
and Go But Peach Garden Goes On and On

BY SUSAN M. BRACKNEY To the casual observer, Peach Garden has all the hallmarks of any Chinese restaurant, like ornate red decorations and a Golden Buddha statuette on the counter. But Peach Garden has something extra — serious longevity. Tucked in the side of the Seminary Square Park Kroger building at 536 S. College, the restaurant has been serving up Chinese specialties to Bloomington diners for more than 40 years. What’s the secret? “We don’t know — really!” laughs Ming Dai. The 29-year-old mother of two has helped her husband, Ronnie Yang, also 29, run the eatery for nine years. His parents purchased Peach Garden 10 years ago, and the restaurant changed hands a few times before that. Dai pieced […]

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and Go But Peach Garden Goes On and On"

Bloomington Citizens Help Make One Million Stars to End Violence

BY BARB BERGGOETZ Six-year-old children created the brightly colored stars. So did women in nursing facilities, Girls and Boys Club members, Girl Scouts, teens in after-school programs, and people incarcerated.    For more than a year, stars took shape one by one, meticulously constructed of ribbons and recycled materials, part of a local community-wide effort joining the international One Million Stars to End Violence project. By January, Bloomington — one of only four U.S. communities to take part in the Australian-based initiative — had exceeded its goal of making 10,000 eight-pointed stars under the leadership of the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation. More than 11,500 stars were made locally. Lotus adopted the project for its 2016 visual arts initiative. “It’s […]

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Ellyn Barham-Pruitt: Keeping Gumboot Dance and Its History Alive in Bloomington

BY SOPHIE BIRD When Ellyn Barham-Pruitt moved to Bloomington just 10 days after graduating from high school, she didn’t expect to be introduced to a style of dance that would come to mean so much to her. She still remembers the thrill she felt when she saw the IU Gumboot Dancers take the stage at Indiana University’s annual CultureFest. Although she didn’t have much of a dance background, that experience inspired her to begin practicing with the group nearly every Sunday while at IU. “I found it so intriguing and empowering to watch them dance,” she says. “They loved what they were doing and I wanted to be a part of it.” The gumboot dance is performed wearing Wellington boots, […]

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Dean Peg Faimon: School of Art + Design

BY TRACY ZOLLINGER TURNER When Peg Faimon was an Indiana University student more than 35 years ago, she couldn’t have known how enduring that experience would be.  But when she was asked to become the founding dean of IU’s new School of Art and Design, a weekend visit to Bloomington helped seal the deal. “I was pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful changes downtown,” Faimon says. “It seems like the town is really supporting small businesses and the arts.” Faimon met and married her husband, Don, when they were both IU students in the 1980s. They have two daughters: Anna, a sophomore at Miami University in Faimon’s hometown of Oxford, Ohio, and Lillith, a high school senior who will be […]

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Introducing Tomás Lozano: A Rare Hurdy-Gurdy Player

BY RODNEY MARGISON Hurdy-gurdy players are rare in the United States, but considering Bloomington’s musical milieu, it’s not too surprising that one of them, Tomás Lozano, resides here. A native of Spain, Lozano’s love for the hurdy-gurdy began in his youth. “When I was a teenager, I went to a festival in Barcelona and there was a group that played folk music,” he says. “One of those guys, he had a hurdy-gurdy … and I was so fascinated by it. I loved the sound.” That sound, and the manner in which it is achieved, is what makes the hurdy-gurdy unique. With one hand the performer turns a crank, spinning a wheel against several strings. At the same time, different tones […]

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