If your closet is overflowing but you haven’t a thing to wear, call Margaret Fette (rhymes with Betty). Owner of The Tailored Fit, Fette has been doing alterations and making custom clothes for years. She just moved to a new location on South Lincoln Street where she is changing up the business to give her clients what they’ve all been asking for—wardrobe consultations at home.

“You don’t have to do anything,” she says. “Have me come over. I’ll look through your wardrobe. I’ll take the things you want to donate and get rid of what you don’t want. We can help sort through the things that are fitting and aren’t fitting. I take things away, and when they come back they have been altered, repaired, cleaned, and are ready to hang back up in the closet. You’ll be ready to go.”

Fette started out in men’s wear and says her house calls are not just for women. “For guys, clothes aren’t necessarily high on their list. But if they’re professionals, they know they have to look nice.”

For those who need new clothes but find it hard to buy off the rack, she is also offering made-to-order clothing for both men and women. She has partnered with two clothing companies, one in New York City and one in Thailand. “I was just blown away by the quality of their work,” she says.

She will help you choose a design and fabric, take measurements, and handle the ordering. Delivery from Thailand takes about three weeks; from New York it’s five weeks. If there are any problems with the garment she will tweak it until it fits just right. “I don’t care what shape or size you are, we can make you look wonderful,” she says.

The Tailored Fit is located at 559 S. Lincoln St. Hours are 2 to 6 pm Monday-Thursday, or call 323-2665 for an appointment. The hourly charge for house calls is $35 with a maximum of around $80 per visit. The fee is waived if Fette leaves with an armload of repairs and alterations. See