Falling in love with a person and a house have much in common. With both, there is an undeniable spark—a connection—that says: This one is special. The four couples whose homes are featured here each felt that spark the first time they walked through the front door. Janet and David James discovered a 19th-century log cabin that they revere, and they’ve let that respect guide them in the remodeling process. Martha and Patrick Michelson hoped to find a modern home in Bloomington as fabulous as the one they were leaving in Wisconsin—they found a postmodern one that’s even better. Mary Catherine and Marc Carmichael wanted a brick home in Elm Heights and found a cottage classic. Sophia Travis had always dreamed of living in an old rambling farmhouse; she and her husband, Gregory, have one with a ton of history and in a magnificent setting. Here they are: Bloom’s class of 2012!

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