Bloomington has a new dress shop, art gallery, and gathering spot, all rolled into one. It’s called DD Decor and it’s the latest addition to Renwick Village Center on the east side of town, just off Sare Road.

Owner Dana Goode, 58, is displaying trendy clothing with West Coast flair, along with paintings by her friend Jennifer Mujezinovic (Moo-yay-zin-o-vich).

A native of Southern California, Goode has been around Bloomington since she met her husband, local manufacturer John Goode. She’s known for giving parties and organizing events, and in 2011 her fancy footwork won Dancing With the Celebrities.

“People know they can come in the store and just sit down and have a good time, or talk, or try on clothes, or whatever they want to do,” says Goode.

“I want to appeal to everybody, every age group. I want mothers and daughters to shop. I have a great plus-size line,” she says. “I love dressing people.” She carries fashions for day, evening, and in between that include jeans, dresses, jackets, bags, and chunky jewelry. Shoes, her favorite thing, are soon to come.

Mujezinovic, 38, is married to former IU basketball star Haris Mujezinovic. They’re back in Bloomington after 15 years of traveling throughout Europe while he played in the Euroleague and she worked on becoming a professional painter.

“We were living in Spain and it was so beautiful there, I thought ‘I’m going to be a painter; I’m going to really do that.’ I’ve been in shows in Chicago and in New York, but when I got into the Fourth Street Art Festival I knew I really made it!”

Goode felt right away that Mujezinovic’s large-scale paintings of women would complement her own style. “I thought, how neat if she would display her art in the store. It’s so cool to have an artist, somebody I can talk to.”

Goode’s business philosophy? “Take a risk, enjoy life, don’t be so afraid of what people think. And be nice.”

DD Decor is in Renwick Village Center, 1541 S. Piazza Dr. off South Sare Road. 287-8471.