If Jessica Mott’s work with Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (MHC) is any indication of her ability to make a vision flourish, then her new venture, Thrive Health & Wellbeing, should continue to succeed. As co-founder of MHC in 1998, Mott saw its influence grow from helping a handful of needy people select food out of her own garage to providing thousands of people with groceries from the Cupboard’s current space on South Walnut.

Although she still volunteers for MHC, Mott’s current endeavor is Thrive, at 412 W. 4th St. When the two-story 1920s house became available, Mott jumped at the chance and opened Thrive in January 2011. “This space called to me,” she says. “It’s a place of business but it feels homey.”

Massage and bodywork, which Mott has practiced for more than 25 years, are just some of what’s offered at Thrive. “I wanted to keep doing massage, but I wanted to integrate all the things I believe in,” she says. Other Thrive practitioners offer acupuncture, acutonics (a stimulation of the body similar to acupuncture but using sound instead of needles), physical therapy, and naturopathic medicine consultations. Classes also reflect Thrive’s holistic, results-driven philosophy with offerings in yoga, kettlebell, nonimpact aerobics, and tai chi, as well as healthy food preparation.

Mott says she wants clients to take responsibility for their own health but also wants to empower and educate individuals. “I’m not interested in being someone’s Tylenol,” she says.

According to Mott, there are ten fundamental needs for health: sunshine, air/breath, water, food, exercise/movement, sleep, touch, relationship with purpose, relationship with self, and relationship with others. “Everything we do here, I ask myself, ‘Does it fit with the values?’”

One thing she didn’t intend was using the space as a gallery for artists or for retail, but the downstairs area showcases local art and sells such items as pottery, jewelry, and herbal remedies. “It’s my way to support local artists,” she says. The downstairs can also be used for community events.