When local freelance graphic designer Patrick Siney went on vacation recently to Boulder, Colorado, he brought back more than memories and souvenirs. He came home inspired—inspired to build rock sculptures. “I found it to be one of the greatest gifts of a vacation,” says Siney. “I saw people eating in front of them, meditating in front of them; we went by them when we went rafting. So when I came home, I didn’t go back to work right away; I took a couple days off and started building rock sculptures in the Jordan River.”

Siney spends about 20 minutes a day scouring the Jordan River for rocks and placing them in precarious vertical stacks that sometimes seem to defy gravity. He encourages onlookers who stop to snap a photo with their phones to get hands on and some are happy to do so. The rock sculptures, also known to as cairns, have been assembled by a variety of people from children to an IU professor.

“I think, if anything, making the sculptures helps me be just a little looser and a little more creative. I come home happier. I’m able to work a little bit longer,” Siney says. “At the very least it’s recharging my batteries to be more creative and work through problems at home during my job.”

Video by Darryl Smith