1. Vintage Cashmere Coat, $40

Let’s face it. Some days are just bone-chilling cold. If last season’s winter coat isn’t measuring up in terms of warmth or style, check out the collection at Alison Zook’s AZ Vintage shop. This cashmere coat with fur collar is $40 and her rather massive collection of coats from casual to dressy ranges from $26-$80.

AZ Vintage, 236 N Morton St, Bloomington, IN 47404 • Phone: 812-333-1960


2. Ugg Boots, $220.99

The first time I wandered into Smith’s Sport and Shoe (now Smith’s Shoe Center), I was shopping for a pair of athletic shoes. From the store’s name, that’s all I expected to find. Color me amazed when I discovered that they carry Uggs, Hunter, Fryes, and more! Yes! You can buy Ugg boots locally and not have to wait for the UPS delivery to put those warm, furry boots on your feet. These Ugg Bailey Button Triplet boots are a mere 99 cents more than on zappos.com. Surely, 99 cents is worth instant gratification!

Smith’s Shoe Center, 1917 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47401 • Phone: 812-323-7463


3. Lux Touch Gloves, $36

Shopping Kaye

I buy at least three pairs of gloves every winter; I simply cannot hang onto them. And whenever I lose a glove, I wander over to Relish to pick up a new pair. I can always count on Relish to stock a glove that is well priced and in a color that goes with my winter coat and boots. For my first pair of the season, I picked up Lux Gloves Touch in a beautiful mustard color. Bonus: the fingertips have a special knit fabric for use with small devices so your fingers don’t have to freeze when checking a text message.

Relish, 204 N Morton St, Bloomington, IN 47404 • Phone: 812-333-2773


4. Boot Cuffs, $39

Shopping Kaye

These boot cuffs are a wonderfully unique accessory! Handmade in Bloomington, the lovely-and-soft cuffs go inside or outside the tops of your boots to keep cold air out. Laura Sparks of LitKnits makes these to order in our fabulous town in a variety of colors (adorable shelter dog pictured here, not included).