“Art,” said futurist Marshall McLuhan, “is anything you can get away with.” That may be true for fashion as well.

Witness these fashions from the 2015 Trashion Refashion Show at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, April 26, presented by Discardia and the Center for Sustainable Living.

The runway show consisted of two categories: refashioned designs (“modifying existing clothing into something more fashionable”) and trashion designs (“creatively turning discarded items into fashion”). Clothes ranged from outrageous to classy, using everything from old jeans to plastic bags, and at least 90 percent of every outfit was created with refashioned or discarded materials.

According to show organizers, “The annual runway show illuminates the importance of recognizing both environmental and social consequences of pollution and waste generation associated with the fashion industry.”

What a fun way to make an important point!