Darryl Smith videotapes Amelia Dixon, one of the project's participants. Photo by Chaz Mottinger

Darryl Smith videotapes Amelia Dixon, one of the project’s participants. Photo by Chaz Mottinger

On Friday, January 8, Pictura Gallery hosted What Does Bloomington Look Like to Me?, the exhibit accompanying the Bloom homeless community photo project featured in the December 2015/January 2016 issue.

Martha Moore, who co-owns Pictura along with her husband, David, says the evening was a huge success. “We had an incredible crowd and we were really honored that so many of the photographers were able to attend,” she says. “It’s always a wonderful thing to be able to meet and talk with the artists.”

Gallery Director Lauren Kniss says gallery staff were keeping count of those visiting that evening and at one point got a head count of 250. “It was definitely more than that,” she says. “We had to give up (counting) at some point because we couldn’t see the door.”

A dozen prints were sold that night, with half of the proceeds going to the artists and half to Shalom Community Center. The photographs will be on display and available for purchase through February 27.

In this video by Darryl Smith, participants in the photo project discuss their experience. For more, see the full feature story and additional photos.


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