Dominick DiOrio (left) and John Porter wore 3-piece suits in British navy by Andrew Davis Bespoke on their wedding day at Sycamore Farm. Photo by Richardson Studio


Last December, men’s clothier Andrew Davis, located on the south side of the downtown Square, opened Andrew Davis Bespoke, a new shop adjacent to the main store featuring custom and made-to-order formal wear, especially for weddings.

“We’re appealing to a recent trend of grooms having a garment made for their wedding instead of just renting a tuxedo,” says John Porter, manager of formal wear at Andrew Davis. “After all, if the bride is going to spend money on a dress she’ll wear once in her life, why shouldn’t the groom make a similar investment in a custom garment he can wear many times?”

The only wedding shop of its kind in Indiana, according to the Andrew Davis website, Bespoke features suits, tuxedos, and formal wear accessories. The staff offers private, by-appointment “experiences” says Porter, where a groom and his friends can enjoy a “club-like atmosphere” as they browse a selection of fabrics, tuxedos, and suit options, as well as custom garment linings.

Andrew Davis Bespoke has attracted a growing clientele, says Porter, with many people coming from Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Locally, the formal wear sales staff also makes house calls.

As for why customers are willing to go to the expense of purchasing a custom-tailored suit or tuxedo instead of simply renting, Porter suggests that a growing number of men are increasingly interested in dressing well. “Renting a tuxedo is a fine option, but it can only take you so far,” Porter says. “If you don’t want to wear a garment that’s been worn by dozens of other people and been altered many times, buying a custom-tailored or bespoke suit or tuxedo is a great option.”

Recently, the shop has begun offering custom-tailored suits for women and has, as part of that initiative, made a point of reaching out to the local LGBTQ+ community.

“A lesbian couple who are getting married and want a suit that fits one or both partners well should have the same range of bespoke options as any other couple,” Porter says. “We try to have something for everyone.”