Bell Trace Executive Director Joy Harter. Photo by Erin Stephenson

Bell Trace Executive Director Joy Harter. Photo by Erin Stephenson


Moving into an assisted living community can be a big decision, but since 2014, Bell Trace Senior Living Community has been making that decision a bit easier for older adults. “We encourage them to come out for a test drive,” says Executive Director Joy Harter. “Come check us out and we’ll furnish the apartment.”

Bell Trace offers fully furnished, transitional apartments on a short-term basis, Harter says, giving curious seniors the chance to try living in the community without making a long-term commitment.

“We do encourage people to stay at least a month or longer to get the full experience and see what it’s really like,” Harter says. “You want to make sure it’s the right choice.”

Harter says Bell Trace calls these apartments transitional for a number of reasons. Those who seek them out may be taking that test drive she mentioned, looking into the possibility of moving to a senior living community. Others may be making a transition from the hospital following surgery or illness.

“There are times when it is not quite appropriate for someone to go home after hospitalization,” Harter explains. “The idea originated with that in mind — someone who doesn’t need to go into a nursing facility but they do need some extra help, maybe for just a few weeks.”

The cost for those transitioning from a hospital situation who need a furnished apartment, meals, housekeeping, and medical support is about $155 per day, Harter says. Bell Trace can tailor services to individual needs and the cost of a stay varies.

The transitional, temporary apartments are integrated into the Bell Trace community and residents are encouraged to take advantage of all community activities and amenities, from social, cultural, and educational programs to exercise classes and walks around the campus.

“Unlike a traditional nursing facility, there are so many different ways we can take care of people at Bell Trace,” Harter says. “We have the ability to take care of someone in their own apartment who needs medical assistance right next door to someone who still goes to work every day.”

For more information about the transitional, short-term apartments at Bell Trace, contact Barbara Carroll at 812-332-2355.