Couples who have been together for years can still find ways to surprise each another — or be surprised. Such was the case for each of the four couples featured in our 11th Annual Wedding Guide.

For Carolyn Chang and Chris Wells, that surprise came from a change of venue. While they had planned an outdoor ceremony at the Rose Well House, a special site where they shared a magical midnight kiss, showers forced the ceremony into Indiana Memorial Union’s Tudor Room. Jourdan Eastling and Sarah Hugus had an even bigger surprise — the fact that they could get married at all. When Jourdan proposed to Sarah, same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in Indiana; by the time the big day rolled around, it was. Jenna Leichty describes her entire courtship to Macey Dale as full of surprises, from his suggestion that they live together to the elaborate surprise engagement party he pulled o. after the proposal. And who would have thought a well-traveled, big-city couple like Georgiya Djibirova and Kerry Mitchell would wind up getting married in McCormick’s Creek State Park? The venue was the perfect fit, reflecting the core beliefs of both bride and groom.

We invite you to read their stories and be inspired to create your own surprising celebration!

By Erin Hollinden and Sara Sheikh


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