(l-r) Fitness instructors Noah Garrett and Lori Miller participate in a train-the-trainer fitness session led by Jordan Sloan at Urban Air. Photo by Rodney Margison



Debbie Hannah, owner of Bloomington’s Urban Air trampoline park, says the focus of the facility is helping families have fun together. “It’s meant to help people get active, burn calories, and stay away from screens,” Hannah says. “We want people to come and play and have fun with their families. It’s a place parents love as much as their kids.”

She points out there really is something for everyone, from special Jumperoo times for children age 5 and under to fitness classes for adults.

“The fitness classes are a totally new concept,” Hannah says. “Each person has a trampoline, and because you’re on a trampoline, it’s about as low impact as you can get. It’s a little bit of everything—plyometrics [jump training], cardio, weight training. And because you have to stabilize yourself on the trampoline, you’re using your core the entire time, strengthening your abs.”

Hannah says the first fitness class is free. Additionally, one child can jump for free while an adult takes the fitness class.

As a parent and former pediatric nurse for Riley Physicians, Hannah is conscientious of both cleanliness and safety at the jump facility. The open space offers clear sightlines from nearly every angle.

“First and foremost, I’m a parent,” Hannah says. When I created this park, I was careful of the layout to make sure parents can always see their children.”

Within its 35,000-square-foot facility located at 3603 W. Ind. 46, Urban Air offers seven trampoline activity areas with names like The Apex (where you can “literally bounce off the walls”), The Dropzone (complete with an airbag for a super-soft landing), and Ultimate Dodgeball (combining the perennial favorite with wall-to-wall trampolines). 

Urban Air opened in August 2016, and Hannah feels that for a business open less than a year, things are going exceptionally well. “We’re still learning what the community wants and needs,” she says. “We ask for feedback, and we listen. But in the time we’ve been open, we’ve had people here from all over. People are hunting down places to go and things to do, so having a trampoline park in Bloomington is a pretty big deal.”

For the most up-to-date hours and information, visit Urban Air Trampoline Park Bloomington on Facebook, call 812-727-8309, or visit urbanairtrampolinepark.com.