Embellished Baked Brie

The Brie is a cornucopia of goodies: dried cherries, Oregon hazelnuts, apricots, walnuts, and pine nuts, glazed with Indiana honey. Photo by Daniel Orr

Embellished Baked Brie
Chef Daniel Orr

Ingredients, all to taste

Dried cherries
Pine nuts
Salt and pepper

1) Cut the Brie in half to expose the creamy interior. Place back in the wooden box.

2) Salt and pepper the cheese.

3) Place dried cherries in the middle. Push hazelnuts down into cheese and arrange walnuts and pine nuts around the outside.

4) Finish by glazing the cheese, fruit, and nuts with a drizzle of honey.

5) Position it over an open fire. Serve when the Brie starts to warm and melt.