Brian and Kira Richardson. Photo by Jeff Richardson

The virtues of volunteering can’t be overstated–the hours volunteers spend in service support worthwhile causes, nonprofit organizations, and the larger community. But as the couples in the following stories attest, those hours offer the volunteers something, too–a sense of fulfillment, purpose, connection, even joy.

The couples here are but a representative sample of the many thousands of volunteers in Bloomington and Monroe County who give of their time and talent every day to any number of organizations. Many are retired and have found their vast experience–in educations, business, medicine, and other fields–to be of service, while allowing them to continue to feel gratification as professionals.

These “Couples Who Contribute to Our Community” serve in many different ways. Some, who have been financially successful in life, are able to contribute the resources so necessary to help the less fortunate and to support our social services, educational institutions, and the arts. Several are volunteers with Monroe County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Others serve on the boards of their religious organizations, City and County committees, or give of themselves to the arts, education, homeless advocacy, health care, environmental awareness, animal welfare, and other concerns. Even so, this is just a sampling o the many volunteering opportunities available in the community. To find out more about how and where to volunteer, visit the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network at




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