Mike Bridavsky (Lil Bub’s dude) and a fan, Stacey Mitchell, take a selfie with Lil Bub. Photo by Jenn Hamm


With her seventh birthday coming up in June, Lil Bub continues to create big ripples. In February, she and her dude, Mike Bridavsky, spent a week in Los Angeles shooting a movie, I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas.

The film, featuring Bloomington’s most famous feline, is a crowd-invested project and has a cast and crew who have accumulated five Emmys for work on well-known projects like The Simpsons. The movie’s backers will donate a percentage of ticket sales to Lil Bub’s BIG Fund.

Bloomington’s most beloved feline. Photo by Lynae Sowinski

Through a partnership with the ASPCA, Lil Bub’s BIG Fund impacts animals’ lives by allocating grant funds to support organizations and programs that better the lives of animals. Local recipients of BIG Fund grant money include the Monroe County Humane Association, Pets Alive, and City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control.

The runt of her litter, Lil Bub was found in a rural Indiana tool shed before being taken in as a rescue when her special care needs became apparent. She was adopted by Bridavsky, who has been known as her dude ever since Bub become a national celebrity. Lil Bub has always used her fame to help others—her merchandise sales, public appearances, and partnerships have raised more than $500,000 for Lil Bub’s BIG Fund.

Though Lil Bub’s local brick-and-mortar store closed in February, merchandise sales continue at her website. While the Bloomington store was known for stocking hard-to- find, unique, and last-call items not available elsewhere, super fans will find exclusive merchandise online in Bub’s Secret Shop, which is expected to debut mid-year. Bridavsky will also introduce the Bub Club, a three-tiered subscription box service, later this year.

Future plans for Lil Bub merchandise include a Lil Bub line of all-natural pet-care products. Initial offerings will include pet shampoo and room deodorizer, with more products expected to follow.

To learn more, visit lilbub.com.