How to Make Your Place of Business a Gun-Free Environment

How to Make Your Place of Business a Gun-Free Environment


As we too sadly know, gun violence can happen anywhere. As a consequence, it is disconcerting to be in a store, restaurant, or other public place when a gun-toting individual enters. Most likely the bearer of the firearm is peaceful, but not always.

We at Bloom Magazine believe that no one should be subjected to apprehension or fear as they go about their daily lives.

Although the Indiana legislature prohibits municipalities from enacting regulations about the carrying of firearms, private businesses may do so. Pursuant to Indiana Criminal Trespass Statute IC 35-43-2-2, a private business that prominently posts a sign referencing the criminal trespass language can deny entry to those carrying firearms, and if an employee sees a customer who is carrying on business premises, can call police without first confronting the individual.

To that end, we have created signs that stores, restaurants, and other establishments may post proclaiming their places of business to be gun-free environments.

These signs sponsored by Bloom Magazine and White Rabbit Copy Service & Digital Printing, are free of charge. If you would like one to post at your place of business, they are available at the Bloom office, 414 W. 6th St., and at White Rabbit, 601 S. Walnut. If this is inconvenient, we can deliver a sign to your place of business, just send an email to [email protected].

Malcolm Abrams
Editor & publisher