Art by Mike Cagle

Art by Mike Cagle


Whether you’re working to keep items out of the waste stream or just want someone to repair a much-loved keepsake, the Monroe County Public Library (MCPL) invites you to attend its first-ever Fix-It Fair. The event, on Saturday, August 18, will be held at the main library branch, 303 E. Kirkwood, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Fix-it fairs are fun, inclusive, volunteer-driven parties,” explains Matt Neer, 32, an MCPL community-engagement librarian and event organizer.

Those attending can bring in one broken item.  They will then be matched with an expert repairperson for up to 45 minutes who hopefully can fix the item. Upon request, the experts will teach attendees how to make repairs themselves. If necessary, repair technicians will refer attendees to additional repair resources.

The MCPL’s 3D printer will be available to create replacement parts for repairs and In Case of Emergency Press will be on hand to screen print Fix-It Fair logos on T-shirts brought in by participants.

Local experts on hand and their services include:

  • Ardent Instruments will repair stringed instruments and provide guitar setups
  • Artisan Alley will provide tool sharpening
  • Bloominglabs will repair electronics, small appliances, and toys (no video input/output or heating/cooling elements)
  • Bloomington Community Bike Project will offer bike repair and maintenance
  • Discardia will repair textiles and clothing
  • Jenny Mack, Indiana University Lilly Library, will repair books and bindings
  • Rhett Skateboarding will offer skateboard repair
  • With a Grain of Salt will offer jewelry repair and cleaning

“A lot of organizations are doing great things in Bloomington. We want the fair to showcase those skills,” Neer says. “The fair also extends MCPL’s interaction with the community.”

The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District will be on-site to recycle items that cannot be repaired, will host a recycling information booth, and offer two afternoon presentations in the MCPL auditorium.

“Repair helps reduce the waste stream,” says Jeannette Lehr, an MCPL digital creativity specialist and fair co-organizer. “It’s good for the local economy, and it’s empowering to learn a new skill.”

Repair registration begins at 10 a.m. in the MCPL lobby.