A sampling of Face Plant products. Photos by Martin Boling

A sampling of Face Plant products. Photos by Martin Boling


Lesley Davis was often taken aback when she would peruse the product labels of skin care products. Even those billed as natural or organic contained long lists of chemical ingredients with impenetrable, multisyllabic names.

That why, in 2012, she took her quest for non-allergenic skin care to her kitchen table. “I spent a lot of time doing research, including chemistry research,” Davis says. “I looked deeply into the kinds of things that cooks who specialize in sauces research, like emulsification.”

Face Plant founder Lesley Davis. Photos by Martin Boling

Face Plant founder Lesley Davis. Photos by Martin Boling

When her period of investigation was over, Davis founded Face Plant Skincare, creating a line of organic products she says “met a need that I had.” And, she says, “I suspected they might fill the needs of others, too.”

While her primary work is as assistant dean for international programs at the IU Maurer School of Law, Davis continues to develop Face Plant and says she enjoys making the products by hand.

Face Plant products are notable for being free of phthalates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfites, parabens, GMOs, synthetic fragrances, and chemical preservatives. And they aren’t tested on animals.

Most of the boutique-size line is focused on facial moisturizers and cleansers. An exception is one of her most popular products, “Wonder Balm,” which is used by her customers in myriad ways. “I have somebody who buys it because she has a ton of tattoos and keeps getting more, another who says it’s the only thing that works on her eczema, and another who puts it on her hair,” Davis says.

Another popular product is “Golden Oil,” a combination of nearly 20 natural oils, each claiming restorative properties. Its uses range from collagen-boosting to cobra bite–healing.

Davis plans to keep Face Plant regional. Without chemical preservatives, her products have a shorter shelf life than their conventional counterparts, which makes selling Face Plant locally at places like Bloomingfoods important.

For more information, visit faceplantskincare.com.