(l-r) Carla English, Tivoli Fashions owner Cheryl Nichoalds, and Melanie Surian Pickett outside Tivoli on Bloomington’s downtown Square. Photo by Richardson Studio

photography by RICHARDSON STUDIO

In the 45-plus years that Cheryl Nichoalds has been selling women’s apparel, more than a few fashion trends have come and gone, but the classic styles that she carries in her Bloomington store, Tivoli Fashions, have stood the test of time. “My clothes are ageless and timeless,” she says.

A lifelong resident of Bedford, Indiana, Nichoalds started Tivoli there in 1973. She opened a Tivoli location in Bloomington in 1987, becoming one of the original tenants of Fountain Square Mall. The Bedford store closed in 2003, but the Bloomington store continues to thrive, serving a loyal local customer base as well as visitors to the city.      

The store’s aesthetic is geared toward post-college, professional women, but Tivoli offers clothing and accessories for any woman who needs career, casual, or special occasion apparel, Nichoalds says. Brands include Frank Lyman, Sympli, Blue Pacific, Komarov, Lior Paris, Winding River, Fridaze, Eileen Fisher, Testimony Los Angeles, and Renuar.

In keeping with Tivoli’s focus on classic styles, Nichoalds avoids carrying anything overly trendy, but she does keep a finger on the pulse of changing tastes. According to her, a notable development this year is a return to fuller pants. “We’ve been wearing skinny pants for a while, and they’re not going away, but we are starting to see some fuller pants now,” she says.