Elan Salon owner Alison McGlothlin. Photo by Naama Levy


Elan Salon has long been a Fountain Square Mall staple, but being located on the third floor and tucked away it was a little hard to find. A move to a new location has changed all that. 

“Before, new clients would wander around the third floor—which is full of mostly private offices—looking for us,” says owner Alison McGlothlin. “But recently we moved to the first floor and now take up three storefronts. We love being downtown; we just wanted to be more accessible and visible.”

McGlothlin hopes the move, which added about 300 square feet to the salon and allowed for more stations, better integrates the salon into the more retail portion of the mall. 

In addition to the physical move, the salon recently upgraded its technical features. “We’ve also created a new online booking system, so clients can schedule an appointment anytime,” McGlothlin adds. 

Still, a lot has stayed the same, McGlothlin says, reassuring clients that Elan Salon has the same hairstylists and still uses the same hair products. 

“We want our clients to feel really good about their haircut and style,” McGlothlin says. “We consult with them beforehand about maintaining their look, asking them, ‘How often do you want to be in here for touchups?’ And we offer our customers a 10% discount off their next haircut to help get them in the rhythm of coming in regularly for good upkeep.”

McGlothlin started as an apprentice with Elan, learning the ropes, then last year purchased the salon. “Many of our clients have seen me grow with the business,” the 36-year-old owner says. She says purchasing the salon from the original owners “has been a lovely changing of the guard.” And, she says, having been with the salon all this time has made it more than just a business. 

“It just feels more like family,” McGlothlin says. “I want people to know that we aren’t new and that we have a home here.”

Visit elansalonbloomington.com for more information.