We’re fortunate to have a strong brewing community in Bloomington, and our local brewers find a sense of camaraderie around their love of the craft and have an appreciation of each other’s work. 

This spring, brewers from Bloomington Brewing Co., Function Brewing, Switchyard Brewing Company, The Tap Brewery, and Upland Brewing Company got together for their sixth collaborative brew, an opportunity to have fun and invent a brand-new beer. This year’s beer was pHruit Drop, a style they call a “Midwestern tart,” which was brewed with Indiana-malted wheat and 1,200 pounds of blueberries and pomegranates. The yeast was developed by Bloomington’s own “yeast guy,” Matt Bochman, a unique strain that produces lactic acid to give the beer a mildly tart taste. 

The collaborative beer is usually available through late spring or early summer, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for brew No. 7 next year. But in honor of the collaborative brew and the community it represents, I asked our local brewers what beers they like that come from another Bloomington brewery.


Steve Llewellyn, owner and head brewer at Function Brewing

“I love Upland’s sours. It’s great to be in the same town as a world-class sour brewer. In particular, the Mulberry, followed by the Boysenberry. They both have a great sour base, and don’t overwhelm you with fruit.”


Jarrod Mayhead brewer, director of brewery operations at The Tap

“I really enjoy Bloomington Brewing Co.’s Quarrymen Pale Ale. With all of the hazy IPAs out on the market, this beer hits the spot with me and reminds me how great some of these classic styles can be. Another favorite is Function’s Inverse Smoked Brown Ale. Perfect amount of smoke in the aroma and isn’t overwhelming on the palate.”


Nick Banks, head brewer at Bloomington Brewing Co.

“I am a big fan of The Tap’s Beardliner. I really enjoy a good, tart, refreshing sour. The Tap really does this style very well. My mouth is watering just thinking about that first sip and watching the tiny bubbles dance up the pint glass. It’s great for the spring and summer. Cheers.”


Kurtis Cummings, founder and president at Switchyard Brewing Co.

“The Switchyard camp are big fans of Upland’s Petal to the Kettle—from the can artwork to the delicate refreshing tartness, it’s a great beer for so many year-round occasions.”


Patrick Lynch, lead brewer at Upland Brewing Co.

“It has been impressive to see how much Switchyard has ingrained themselves within the Bloomington community in their first year. It was a pleasure working with them on the Resilience IPA project and their Lemon Gose is quite tasty. It has a refreshing balance between bright citrus flavor and mild acidity.”


It’s nice to see our local brewers share the love and show their appreciation for each other’s work. My advice? Take some suggestions from guys who really know their beer and give these brews a try.