(l-r) Beverly Calender-Anderson, Talisha Coppock, Martha Moore, David Moore, Malcolm Abrams, Leslie Green, and Diane Legomsky. Photo by Haley Brown

On Wednesday, December 4, Bloom Magazine held its first-ever Bloom Community Awards ceremony honoring six individuals who uphold Bloom’s missions of supporting local businesses, local charities, the arts, and diversity.

The awards were presented to Leslie Green, CEO of Stone Belt, for support of local charities; Martha and David Moore, of the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts, for support of the arts; Talisha Coppock, executive director of Downtown Bloomington, Inc. and the Monroe Convention Center, for support of local businesses; Diane Legomsky, founder and chair of the Bloomington Refugee Support Network, for support of diversity; and Beverly Calender-Anderson, director of the City of Bloomington Community and Family Department, for support of diversity.

Bloom Community Award recipients were presented with a crystal award with four pillars that represent these four missions. The awards ceremony was held in the Tudor Room at the Indiana Memorial Union during Bloom’s 14th annual holiday party.

The award. Photo by Rodney Margison