Luke Narey. Courtesy photo


Local drummer Luke Narey has long been a fan of alternative metal band 10 Years. “I would blast their music while driving to and from [Edgewood] high school, but never would have imagined I’d have a chance to be part of the band one day,” Narey says.

But that’s just what happened. In 2016, Narey, a founding member of Bloomington-based alternative rock band Blue Rising, heard that 10 Years’ songwriter and guitarist Brian Vodinh was recording and producing bands in his Knoxville, Tennessee, studio, so Narey contacted Vodinh through Facebook. A few months later, Narey and Blue Rising were recording there. During that session, Vodinh took notice of Narey’s drumming skills. Last year, when 10 Years had need for a drummer, Narey was asked to step in.

He played his first show, in London, England, without ever practicing with 10 Years beforehand. “An interesting scenario for the first show to say the least,” Narey says.

This year Blue Rising toured with 10 Years and Narey, 29, played for both bands. He typically practices several hours a day, so drumming for both bands wasn’t much of a physical challenge.

“The extra hair flipping of two shows was more of an issue,” he says. “My neck was pretty sore after the third show.”

Narey first took up saxophone in junior high but was always drawn to drums, sneaking into the band room at school to play around on the kit. He didn’t get his own drums until he was 16. “I realized 16 was a late start to learning an instrument and making a career out of it, so I tried to play catch-up,” Narey says.

Though he teaches part time at Melody Music Shop, drumming is keeping Narey busy. He is touring with 10 Years and will be recording new songs written by Blue Rising. 

“It’s a full-circle experience,” he says. “10 Years was a big influence on both myself and to the Blue Rising guys in our formative years. It’s pretty surreal to have the opportunity to share the stage with them and play our original music on big stages across the country.”